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Andai kita inginkan seorang teman, Janganlah kerana sifat cerianya,kerana andai dia mungkin tidak pandai menceriakan, kita akan menyalahkannya.
Andai kita ingin bersahabat, Terimalah dia seadanya ,kerana dia seorang sahabat yang hanya manusia biasa,Jangan diharapkan sempurna kerana kita juga tidak sempurna .
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thank youu

i adore that kind thing !

and i dont know why! 
and thankk you to who that want to fullfill my wish! and i hope that i can get that THING as soon as possible!
thank IM who want to help me to find that such thing and you cannot find it.! 
DON, you just get it for me ok. 
my BUDDIES who also help me. thank you jugak!until i cannot buy that thing, just find for me!
SIS, after a lot of time i find that Thing and now i tell you. and your answer is you are have it! OMG! and i very jelous doe! you have to buy me one! youu have ! i adore gilaa this tshirt! you dont worry i will pay it if youu buy for me laa kann.HAHA :) lame tau i nakk baju nih! now you just buy it for me. and i always remind you. btw, how should i know that you want go to PADANG BESAR tuh? HEHE :) 
thank coz nak tolong i .

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